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Thriller, Horror, izle

P2A nail-biting, impossibly tense horror-thriller that doesn’t skimp on shocks or surprises

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Wild Things: Foursome

Video Description: When the son of a wealthy womanizer is killed in a race car accident, the investigating detective is pulled into a steamy world of seduction, greed and double-crossing beyond his wildest imagination.
Movie Description:

Wild Things Foursome is the seductive next film in the hot and sexy Wild Things series. Hotel magnate Ted Wheetly is tough on his arrogant hard partying son, Carson (Ashley Parker Angel), who believes his wealthy, womanizer father drove his mother to her death. When Ted is killed in a speed boat accident, Detective Frank Walker (John Schneider) is assigned to investigate the case. As he digs deeper into the death, he becomes more and more suspicious of the scheming, seduction, greed, double-crossing and possibly even cold blooded murder.
Genres: Thriller, Drama
Cast: Jillian Murray, Marnette Patterson, Ashley Parker Angel, John Schneider
Director: Andy Hurst
Writers: Howard Zemski, Monty Featherstone
Producers: Marc Greenberg, Rich Goldberg, Nzinga N. Garvey, Rui Jorge Teixeira Da Costa Reis, Marc Bienstock

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Moar of my favorite Russian Maria

S1 E2: THE HUNTERS - The hunters izle,

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